About FCCO

Government efforts at providing the needed manpower for the cooperative sector began with the introduction of formal cooperative education in Nigeria when a cooperative training school was established in Ibadan in 1943.

Three federal cooperative colleges were subsequently established by an administrative pronouncement of the federal military government in 1976 for the purpose of providing the required manpower in the cooperative subsector of the economy. Federal cooperative college oji-river is one of them.

The colleges were established as in-service training institutions for the cooperative stakeholders, and the staffs of government departments responsible for the supervision of the cooperative societies and cooperative development in Nigeria.initially, trainees of the colleges were those sponsored by government and cooperative societies.

The colleges were established to cater for the growing needs of the cooperative education in Nigeria. To meet these challenges they started with courses leading to the award of certificate in cooperative studies. The diploma in cooperative studies was later introduced to meet the increasing demand for higher cooperative education at that level. Each of these courses runs for one academic year. Presently, there are both private and government sponsored candidates.

At the beginning of the 1998-1999 academic years the college introduced the national diploma programme (ND) in cooperative economics and management. This is a two year programme leading to the award of national diploma in cooperative economics and management. One year later the preliminary national diploma was introduced which is a two semester programme pre-requisite to ND for candidates with deficiency.

In order to ensure the recognition of the certificates being awarded by the college the national board for technical education(NBTE)has accredited the national diploma and pre-national diploma programmes;with effect from the 2003/2004 academic session.

In addition to the ND programme, the college introduced the higher national diploma (HND) programme in cooperative economics and management. The HND programme has also been accredited. Apart from the regular courses, the college also runs short courses, workshops, consultancy services and seminars for officers and board members of cooperative societies.

The college has well trained and qualified academic staffs who devote much time to the teaching of the subjects, as reflected in the curriculum.

The federal cooperative college Oji River as well as her two counterparts at Ibadan and Kaduna must be commended immensely for throwing their doors wide open for fellow citizens to improve themselves educationally.

FCCO currently offer the courses: Cooperative Economics and management, Business Administration and management, Banking and Finance, Home Economics and Rural Development and Computer Science to meet the demand of our catchment areas.

The day to day running of the college is vested on the provost who is answerable to the supervising ministry.