Welcome to the official Website of the Federal Cooperative College,Oji River Enugu State. This is our window to the world. In it you will get the information you need regarding our history, operations, programmes and courses , policies, plans and strategies for actualizing our vision and mission. In this website ,you will find our structure, programmes, facilities, admission requirements, students activities and all information needed about us, about what we do and how we do them in the best possible manner.

Our goal is to cultivate and maintain the highest possible standard in all our academic activities. We bear a special responsibility for our students. in this context, one of the college strengths is our broad and diverse range of studies based on the concept of research oriented teaching. we are responsible for ensuring the proper diversity and quality of our teaching. The institution from inception l , have a long tradition of holding a clear values and standards for integrity in terms of openness, fairness ,equity, equality, solidarity, Democracy and caring for others. To our prospective students,I want to welcome you once again to the college. May we put a path before you that transform, inspire and shapen you into the kind of person God wants you to become.
Welcome to our window to the world
Welcome to our website

Dr O.T.Owan